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You might think the name Fat Salmon is funny, 
but nothing is finer than a thick, 
fatty center cut piece of salmon.

This “cool”, “modern” Washington Square West Japanese “gets extremely busy” thanks to a “large variety” of “deliciously prepared” sushi chased by Japanese beers and a “polite” staff that makes “excellent recommendations”; most have “no complaints” about the “affordable” prices.

Fat Salmon is one of the best sushi spots in Old City and it’s a great place for a small group dinner to start your night. They serve big platters of interesting rolls that include things like plum paste and pico de gallo and they’re perfect for sharing. Their cocktails are much better than you’d expect from a neighborhood sushi spot, and they also have pink and blue mood lighting that’ll remind you of a club, but without the loud music and people stepping on your toes with five-inch heels. So really, you should just spend your night eating and drinking here and ditch whatever you had planned next. Their kitchen stays open until 11pm on weekends, so it’s totally doable.

Sydney McElwee,  The Infatuation


Fat Salmon is for those who love trying new, adventurous rolls. The Japanese restaurant offers your classic sushi choices, but just recently started offering four new crazy rolls—combinations from salmon & mussel, kimchi & yam tempura, eggplant & cream cheese and chicken & cabbage will have you feeling some type of way. It’s a no brainer that Fat Salmon is top ten.
Binh Nguyen, Chowhound



Dining & Events


The dining space is 
a long, lean room 
with a white lacquer bar, 
hanging lights, 
a wall depicting ocean waves 
and another covered by 
a colorful mural.

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Mon              CLOSED

Sun               4pm to 8:30pm 

Tue-Thurs   4:00pm to 9:00pm 

Fri-Sat          4:00pm to 9:30pm

Pick up & Delivery through Doordash & Uber Eats

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