GLASS    BOTTLE

Broadbent - VINHO VERDE                                                   8              32
Light & Fresh with lively citrus flavors finishing w/ The classic “spritz”.. The Ultimate Sushi Wine. PORTUGAL

Montefresco - PINOT GRIGIO                                               8              32
Bright, lemon zest & tropical fruit flavors w/ clean, dry finish. ITALY

Arona - SAUVIGNON BLANC                                                 9              36
Crisp and fruity w/ flavors of citrus and melon. NEW ZEALAND

Condes de Albarei - ALBARINO                                           10             40
Pear, apple and melon flavors are accompanied by a rich mouth feel, nice acid balance & clean finish. CA

Robert Oatley - CHARDONNAY                                            10            40
Rich & complex combined w/ flavors of tropical fruits and vanilla. AUSTRALIA

Magnificent Wine Co - RIESLING                                          9             36
Flavors of pineapple and white peach w/a hint of sweetness on the finish. WASHINGTON STATE

Vina Robles”White 4” - VIOGNIER                                         9             36
Pears, Apples and Melon flavors are accompanied by a rich mouth feel, nice acid balance & clean finish. CA


Jean Luc Colombo “Cape Bleue”                                          10            40
Flavors of pineapple and white peach w/ a hint of sweetness on the finish. WASHINGTON STATE



Butterfield Station - PINOT NOIR                                           9             36
Soft, red fruit flavored with a juicy finish. CA

St. Kilda - SHIRAZ                                                                       9             36
White pepper and spice combined w/intense berry fruit. AUSTRALIA

Radio Boca - TEMPRANILLO                                                  10             40
Fruit driven and jammy  w/ flavors of wild strawberry and mocha. SPAIN

The Crusher - PETITE SIRAH                                                  10             40
Rich, creamy blueberry flavors, full-bodied w/ a mild-chocolate mouth feel. CA

ALIAS - CABERNET                                                                      8             32
Full-bodied dark black fruit flavors w/notes of spice and vanilla. CA

Big Smooth - ZINFANDEL                                                          9              36
Juicy, ripe raspberry flavors w/ medium tannins and a robust finish. CA

Portillo - MALBEC            10    40
Silky and full-bodied w/ flavors of black raspberries & plums. ARGENTINA


Battle Creek Cellars“Unconditional” Pinot Noir                                    50
Rich & round w/ flavors of black cherry and subtle hints of spice & velvety tannins. OREGON

B side Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                       65
Bold fruit w/ flavors of black cherry, toasty oak, toffee. Firm tannins and a long lasting finish. NAPA VALLEY, CA


Marquis de la Tour Brut - FRANCE                                            10           32
Exuberant bubbles with a fruity but dry finish

Acinum Prosecco - ITALY                                                                           37
Dry, fresh and elegant w/ crisp, refined bubbles

HOUSE WHITE                                                                            6
Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio

HOUSE RED                                                                                  6
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 



Miller Light 4.2%        5
Yuengling Lager
4.4%    5
4.5%        5.5
Blue Moon (Belgian White)
5.4%    5.5
Sierra Nevada (Pale Ale)
5.6%    6
Yards (Philadelphia Pale Ale)
4.6%    6
Dogfish 60minute (IPA)
6%    6
Lagunitas (IPA)
6.2%    7
Troegs Perpetual (IPA)
7.5%    7
Two Hearted Ale (IPA)
7%    8
Victory Golden Ale
9.5%    8
Kirin Ichiban (12oz)
5%    6
Asahi (12oz)
5%        6
Sapporo Light (12oz)
3.9%     6
Sapporo Premium (12oz)
4.9%     6
Sapporo Premium (22oz)
4.9%    12
Sapporo Reserve (22oz)
5%    12

Hitachino White Ale 5.5%    10
A refreshing, mildly hopped Belgian style beer w/ complex flavor of coriander, orange peel & nutmeg

Hitachino Japanese Classic 7%    10
Medium bodied feel w/ sweet bitter taste. 

It has Unique note of cedar & complex spicy yet mild aroma of British traditional hops

Hitachino Red Rice Ale 7%    10
Hints of strawberries on the nose and palate. An intriguing mix of sake, malt and bitter notes in the finish

Hitachino Ginger Ale 8%    10
Brewed using fresh fragrant raw ginger



House sake_warm    8oz    8          16oz    16
House sake_cold       9oz    9          15oz    15
House Nigori_cold    9oz    14        15oz    22


Pick 3 kinds for sampling        9

Choice of     SWEET (Kaguya Hime)    DRY (Yoshinogawa)
                      NIGORI (House Nigori)    PLUM    

PREMIUM SAKE                                   CARAFE(9oz)           BOTTLE

YOSHINOGAWA ECHIGO 720ml                 17                            49
Lovely water notes express the rich agricultural region of Nigata w/citrus and spice overtones (Junmai)

KONTEKI - TEARS OF DAWN 720ml           28                            86
The aromas of anise, banana & a hint of sweet rice (Junmai Daiginjo)

MANTESIE STAR FILLED SKY 300ml                                           37
Soft, honey-laced nose w/just a tad of fruitiness.

Dry overall w/ a sweet element creeping out of the background (Junmai Ginjo)

KARATANBA 720ml                                       16                             48
Sharp and dry taste that refine clearness (Honojozo)

OZEKI PLATINUM 300ml                                                               27
Floral yet powerful, exquisite aroma will enhance w/ food (Daiginjo)
OZEKI DRY JUNMAI 375ml                                                            22
Fresh, dry, smooth, crisp & clear
KAGUYA HIME - BAMBOO PRICESS 500ml        17                     45
Light and round aroma, sweet and smooth fragrance (Junmai)

*PLUM SAKE is made w/ shochu, fermented plums or grapes w/plum flavors added

TOZAI PLUM - BLOSSOM OF PEACE 720ml        16                     48
Semi-sweet plum sake w/ample aromas of almond and marzipan. 
Perfectly ripe plum flavors dominate the palate while the smooth, slightly sweet flavors linger

*NIGORI SAKE is cloudy sake that has not been fully pressed from the fermenting rice solids. It has a milky-white opaque appearance

OZEKI NIGORIZAKE 375ml                                                                27
Milky unfiltered sake mildly sweet

SHIROSASA 300ml                                                                              24
Light and dry unfiltered sake

*SHOCHU is Japan’s other indigenous alcoholic beverage. Unlike sake, Shochu is distilled

8000 GENERATIONS 750ml 25% Alcohol             22                      67
Robust w/caramel, almond and earth tones. 
A long and complex finish that fills your mind w/ visions of barley field blowing in the wind



Bottled Water    4    

Coke    2
Diet Coke    2    

Ginger Ale    2
Sprite    2    

Iced Tea    2
Cranberry Juice    2.5    

Pineapple Juice    2.5
Sparkling water    3

Japanese Beverage

Green Tea Bottle 16.9oz        4
Oolong Tea Bottle
16.9oz    4
Jasmine Green Tea Bottle
16.9oz    4